About Sew Brighter Australia

Sew Brighter Australia is the Manufacturer and Distributor of the Dark Be Gone range of LED Sewing Machine Lights

Our Motto

Sew Brighter, Sew Easier

Our Aim

  • To provide the best LED Sewing Machine Lighting Available in Australia
  • To Rid Australia of UNSAFE practices, there are suppliers in Australia Not providing Essential and Legal Safety, Including NON Australian Approved Power Adapters.  Or worse still, providing power adapters used in the U.S.A. We do have a different voltage and we do have a different power plug
  • To make sure every consumer is informed about LED Sewing Machine Lighting, so they can make an informed decision about the products they are purchasing

Our Promise

  • To always use Qualified Electricians to Manufacture our Products (Not just a technician)
  • To always provide Australian Approved Adapters
  • To give a 3 Year Guarantee on our Products (All Components including the LED Lighting Strip and Adapter)
  • To inform our customers about the products we sell, and why we have chosen those components