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Sew Brighter, Sew Easier with “Dark Be Gone”

We are the Manufacturers and Distributors of  “The Dark Be Gone” complete LED Sewing Machine Light System, that fits all brands and models of sewing machines, choose the right one for your sewing needs.

  • Dark Be Gone Wrap Mounted by Sew Brighter

LED Sewing Machine Lights 101

This will guide you through what to look for and why when purchasing  LED Sewing Machine Lights.

Facts Shown, Myths Busted and what safety features are paramount

There are many LED Sewing Machine Lights on the market at the moment, but which one is the best for you?

LED Sewing Machine Lights 101 (Click Here)

Not All LED Sewing Machine Lights are created Equal

Sew Brighter Australia is committed to providing the

  • Highest Safety with only Australia Approved Components including our power pack
  • The brightest LED lighting Strip
  • Using only the “Daylight” range of light emitted
  • Two styles of Led Sewing Machine Lights. Different styles of sewing require different types of lighting.  Please see Section 3 “Throat or Wrap Mounted”  in the 101 of LED Sewing Machine Lights further information.

To make navigating the world of LED Sewing Machine Lights easier, we have created the 101 of LED Sewing Machine Lights.

Please read our fact sheet, before purchasing. It will help you make an informed decision, even if you are not purchasing our products.

Led 5630 Pure White Lit, Sew Brighter Australia
5630 "Daylight" Led Strip used by Sew Brighter Australia

This is the Led Light Strip used by Sew Brighter Australia

Please see our 101 of Led Sewing Machine Lights under “Brightness” for full details

The video below compares the most commonly used LED Strips for LED Sewing Machine Lights

(Colour emitted in this video is “Daylight” or “Pure White”)

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